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Cotto & Frullato (Cook & Blend) is a web series born in 2013 from an idea by Paolo Cellammare starring Maurizio Merluzzo. Once on YouTube, it attracted its early audience because of its surreal comedy style.

Chef Maurizio, in each episode, shows how to make a delicious recipe and ends the video pairing it with a drink and mixing it all in his blender. The outcoming smoothie he claims it has fancy, absurd nutritional properties. Throughout the episodes this special properties he calls The Blendness, let him face the craziest challenges and fight the nastiest enemies.

What at first was just looking like a comedic turn on the classic cooking show, becomes, in its evolution, an actual narrative based series, counting many characters and an horizontal plot structure, keeping engaging and surprising it’s audience episode after episode. The YouTube channel currently counts over 18M views and 230K subscribers.

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